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Apartment 26 - Give Me More Lyrics


Artist: Apartment 26
Album: Music for the Massive
Song: Give Me More


give me more
I like this
we want to settel down
and juggle everything that moves
and alittle bit for your friends before they catch you
you better hide yourself away,now they sent out to come and capture you,
get rid of that evidence and going to catch you
help me(they'll find my) secrets(please don't go) can I (borrow some) sugar

help me you
(there gonna get you)
no chance now
(better run away now)
it feels like i've been dead for hours
(now your all streched out)

then when you show your hands,she didn't go a change the red,it made you think a valorbise just (anwser the question) here's where the truth comes out,you better sifted your secrets out,quit crying inoccince they've already got you

help me(before court) secrets (before court)
fendle (make us cought)
carry (on your back)
hold on (your kindness)
finish (we ain't started)
can I (borrow some) sugar


boy can't act right
do not act now
he I can hate

you want just settle down
and crambalize on whatever moves
grab alittle bit for your friends and then they catch you
here's where the truth comes out
there sifting to your secrets out
quit crying inoccence they've already got you

give me more
give me more
give me more

help me
to slow for
to stoned to
stand up
make us proud
here me
all over
hold on
we aren't done yet
here me
we just started
give me
for ourself


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