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Aaron Carter - Crazy Little Party Girl Lyrics


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Artist: Aaron Carter
Song: Crazy Little Party Girl


Crazy little party girl
How I love her
Partying around the world - she wants to dance
Crazy little party girl
There's no other
Party party - always ready to dance

Time for a party - time to take a chance
Turn up the music
And we'll dance, dance, dance

Good days are coming - lonely days are gone
'Cuz I got a little girl
Who wants fun, fun, fun

Everyone - needs a little time
Everyone - a reason for a smile
Everyone - wants to love someone
Everybody wants to have a...


Don't try to stop her - don't cha wanna know
What makes you happy
Baby please don't go
I got a feeling - that you'll be alright
It's a natural feeling
And it's high, high, high



Crazy little party girl, oh (2x)



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