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Aaron Sky - Only One


verse 1-
Fancy cars, Exotic trips,
Expensive wines, You had me buying,
Made me forget, what I had any closer to,
Who was there for me, no matter what the situation be,
And now I realize you're the one!!

You're the one I wanna be with,
You're the one that can change my life
The only one that drives me crazy
Baby you're the one, Baby you're the one

I was here, you were there,
Didn't think that I would care,
Silly me, how could I act so selfishly,
So I prayed to god that he would bring you back to me,
And it makes me feel like I am (Oh, Oh) Ooooooooohhhhhhh
Lonely baby, let me baby show me baby,
You, ooooohhhhh, You're the one!!!

chorus 2X

I apologize, cause losing you has made me realize,
What a fool I was, so it was clear to me,
That I had to change in order to be the man you love again,
Ah Baby!! Said you're all I need!!!(4X)
(Cause you're all I need, Come back to me)


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