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Alecia Elliot - I'm Diggin' In


Here there, whats this feelin'
That's my heart you're stealin'
But that's ok, my baby
I don't want it back
What's this chemistry
Such intensity
Good emotions getting through

It's your sweet love
I'm feelin' it
Can't get enough
Go figure it
Madly, deeply
Maybe i'm fallin'
Head over heels
I'm livin' it
Heart and soul
You're givin' it
I'm thinkin' that
I'm diggin' it

Come on, keep it coming
Think you're onto somethin'
So strong, so right
It's gotta be real
You're breakin' down the walls
And this is a powerful sense
Good emotions gettin' through


I'm thinkin' that
I'm diggin' it
Oh, i'm diggin' it


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