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Amerie - Gotta Work Lyrics


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Artist: Amerie
Song : Gotta Work


Sometimes its gonna be days like this
sometimes its gonna be rain like this
sometimes youre gonna feel pain like this
sometimes you gotta work hard for it

bc when u feelin low
and u can't get no lower
thats when u kno ur close
sometimes u gotta work hard for it

woke up in the morning
its another crappy day
but that never matterred too much to me
cuz its still a new beginning
and i kno i got it in me
had my share of ups and downs
but now i kno i can do anything

some people think I'm aggressive
cuz i kno what i want
but that never mattered too much to me

show me some body with no goal
show me some body with no control
cuz lifes for living
so go and get it
when times get rough remember


ohh gotta get it
hey hey hey
sometimes the road may seem too far
you never really know for sure
if you're ever gonna make it
sometimes the end may seem so far
you never really know for sure
if u got the strength to make it

but u gotta remember


days like this
rain like this

do it cuz i love it
feel like this
gotta work hard for it

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Amerie - Gotta Work Lyrics


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