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Ana Johnsson - Life Lyrics


Artist: Ana Johnsson
Album: The Way I Am
Song: Life


Made of love
Made of sin
Mayday - calling form outer space
I dive in

Here I am
Breathing, I`m a miracle
I`m on fire - I`m cold
I can`t be controlled
I`m alive and I`m dead
And I`m ready for the take off

Life! Life!
Shocking irresistible
Life! Life!
Crazy unpredictable
You go Hu Hu Hu
If you want some action
Shocking irresistible

Got no fear
I feel no pain
Only blood rushing on its way
Through my veins

Here I am
Breathing, I`m invincible
I am great but I`m small
I`m a brick in a wall
I`m alive and I`m dead
And I`m ready to take off

Big bang beating a distant drum
Hear the echoes fill the night
Big bang making the walls come down
For the children of the light

I dive right in...


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