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Aresha James featuring Sexy A - Lonely Nights


chours: lonley nights it feels so right let it just be me and you all night(2X)

V1: sometime at night when i feel so lonely I think about you and me only I wish we were together , just you and I but Ifeel so lonley so I guess it's just a...

V2: when you come by you always wanna lie , I ask you where you been you say it ain't no sin why you have to go I aint yo mommas hoe


Hook: Why can't we be together I really just want you, how can I be with you (talk: I guess I cant) how can I stay by you (talk:I guess I wont) together on thoes lonley(lonley) lonley (lonley) nights


Sexy A: why can't we be together just you and me, caue baby natruall I wanna be with you, spend some time togetther, me and you, lovin each other, huggin eacah other, wantin each other, to love one another, so jus think about me on them nights when you ain with me.

chourus till fade


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