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Ashlee Simpson - Beautifully Broken Lyrics


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Artist: Ashlee Simpson
Album: I Am Me (2005)
Song: Beautifully Broken


It seems like yesterday that my world fell from the sky
It seems like yesterday I didn't know how hard I could cry
It feels like tomorrow I may not get by

But I will try
I will try

Wipe the tears from my eyes
I'm beautifully broken
And I don't mind if you know it
I'm beautifully broken
And I don't care if I show it
Everyday is a new day
I'm reminded of the past
Every timet there's another storm
I know that it won't last
Every moment I'm filled with hope cause I got another chance

But I will try
I will try

Got nothing
Left to hide
Without the highs and the lows
Where would we go
Where would we go



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