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Az Yet - Saved For Someone Else


This was the of our first date
It was the place we loved
That was the place we laughed
Where we had so much fun
There was the place I met her
That's the place we fell in love
And that's the place where she broke my heart
So how do I tell this story
Of someone I loved so much
When she lost her feelings for me
Oh how I miss her touch

Have you ever loved someone so much
It hurts like hell
To see the love that she once gave to you
She gives to someone else
Have you ever, ever, ever,ever loved
To find yourself
To see the love she gave
The love you made
The joys and praise
She saved for someone else

She was a girl called beautiful
And I was so proud of she
How could a girl like her
Be with someone like me
There was a time I had her heart
And oh what a time it was
But I never thought that time
Would take my own true love
So how do I tell this story
'Bout someone I loved so much
She lost her feelings for me
Oh how I need her touch





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