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Bledsoe - I Want Lyrics


Artist: Bledsoe
Song: I Want


When she woke up on that day
And it felt just like the rest
But everyone knew better
And she dreams about the day
And she dreams that she is golden
But she never knew
She never saw it coming
And she wonders if it comes
But she knows it never comes
And God knows she needs this hand
Do you think that you can
When it's all she ever needed to say

I want to be close to you and say all
Of these things you need to know
And I want to be close to you and say all
I wanna say it all the time

And he wonders if he's got it
And he takes his time to find it
Somewhere inside all of his pain
And he wishes he was older
But I still think he's too young to die
And he wishes he could tell her one more time

Do you think that you can
Cause it's all he ever needed to say

I'm falling down Don't let me down
Though I don't know why
I'm crawling down You're still around
Though I don't know why

How low do you think I'll go
And how far do you think I'm falling down
Around you got me wrapped around you
You're not gonna change this
You're not gonna save this
I want I want


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