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Backstreet Boys - My Heart Stays With You


You know..somtimes being on the road is rough
especially loneliness..

Girl I miss you..and its only been one day,
Since I been away, And all the things I need to say
I love to kiss you, and hold you in my arms...
the nights so much to long when your gone...
baby thats why...

Where ever I go, girl my heart stays with you,
my heart stays with you
I've toured ever show
I want to rush over to you
my heart stays with you

Trust me when we are apart,
I won't break your heart...where ever you are
I know you feel
cause I can feel you too
no matter what you do
I think of you...........

Where ever I go, girl my heart...stays with you
my heart stays with you...I've toured every show...
I would rush over to you

Baby yeah
I've neva told..girl it hurts me..but i've got a job to do..
I'll be see your sleepy face..your real embrace
no one can take your place...
I want you to know....

Where ever I go

Oh baby..I be rushin' over to you...
where ever I go..where ever I go..
My heart stays with you
where ever I go...
Where ever I go..
U know my heart stays with you...
the love that we show..I wanna wish the whole world to you
Where ever I go.........


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