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Before Dark - Given So Much


Mia- Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom
Jeni G.- Well you're not going by yourself
Arike- Well I'm not staying here by myself
Jeni G.- Let's just all go
Jeni G.- Mia, would you hurry up, we're missing all the good parts
Mia- Okay, I'm coming
Arike- Hey, you guys, listen how it sounds in here, Hey...
Jeni G.- Hey, let's sing something
Arike- Alright
Mia- Okay

Given so much, given so much of your love and grace
You have given to me
Given to me, given to me, and I thank you now
You have given to me

Thank you for being my best friend
Thank you for sticking with me til the end
When I'm wrong, when i'm right
Lord I'm so glad you never left my side
So glad you never left my side
Always there to be my guide
Lord I thank you for given to me

Reapeat end of chorus


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