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Beverly - You Came Along


Lyrics: 1
Never knew love, could be this way
I never knew it til you opened my eyes and made
Me realize, that I can love again
And I never want this love to end
Now,I don't wanna be a fool again,
But somehow you made me feel that,
You would never treat me that way
And now it's the love inside of me
That I want the whole world to see


Thinkin' all this time that you were not the one
Never knew that we would ever fall in love
And the moment that I thought I had enough
That's when you came to me and made me see that you're the one


Been in and out of love
Thought I had given up on love
'Cause I felt I had enough, had enough
Then you came along and changed the way
I felt about you in every way
So now realize that you were always by my side
Even when I thought I wanted someone else around
But you came along and changed the way
I felt about you in every way


There were times when I was all alone
And you were there for me and I didn't even know
But love had a way of takin' over and now I really see
I ain't ever gonna let you go
Together we will grow forever more
And we'll spend a lifetime
Holding on to love



I didn't know that I would ever fall in love with you
After all the crazy that I was going through
I love the way you make me feel
Now I really see yeah

Chorus til fade


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