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Black Rob - Whoa


Yo I'm bout on something man
When u see something ill know what I mean, that shit is whoa
Anything ill u see is whoa
Nigga have a big 6 at the club that's whoa
Especially if he got the fully equip kit on it's whoa
U know what I mean, like yo

( Verse 1 )

I had this bad bitch Uptown, she was whoa!
Had me fucked up in the head I mean whoa!
Bought this bitch diamonds and perils, I mean whoa!
Should've seen them shits shinning on her wrist, whoa!
Now money ain't a problem, see my doe is like whoa!
Pulled out my bankroll on y'all niggas like whoa!
Floss da blue shrimp from two-tenth like whoa!
Faggot wanna be my blue prints, I'm like whoa!
Had to hit the brakes on ya niggas like whoa!
Niggas getting bagged on my block like whoa!
Coming home within a half-hour like whoa!
Frontin like they had the man power like whoa!
More or less, more or so

( Chorus )
I'll rip ya torso
I live the fast life, come through porshe slow like whoa!
My niggas like doe, like dro
Nitro, my flows, nice clothes like whoa!

( Verse 2 )

Each payin with cocaine like whoa!
Now I'm doc strange in da range like whoa!
Hundred miles an hour, swithing lanes like whoa!
Plus I'm getting brain from this chick like whoa!
Nigga near lick her asshole like whoa!
See him floss bitches and bitches like whoa!
'99 Jag benz coup like whoa!
Keep them g's nines on ya blocks like whoa!
When they threw ya window bitch like whoa!
Love to see me do this shit like whoa!
Niggas put me through this shit like whoa!
So I'm a go toe to toe, blow for blow like whoa!

( Chorus )

( Verse 3 )

We bag it, then flip it like whoa!
Cars we jack it then strip it like whoa!
Fully equip it front to back that's whoa!
Spitting on fiends that come for crack like whoa!
Asking for shorts and shit nigga like whoa!
Half on his crome, now nigga that's whoa!
Flow so properly you'll see I'm whoa!
Ain't no stopping me, I'm deep like whoa!
Guns be popping B, we creep like whoa!
Hear my name in these streets it's like whoa!
Must I pound the concrete like whoa!
Till this bitch ass has defeat like whoa!
Ya man ain't whoa!
The judge ain't whoa!
C-E-Os ain't whoa!
P-Os ain't whoa!
Play y'all self I get the G.I. Joe
D-I-C, K ryders ain't whoa!

( Chorus )

Niggas getting money VA is whoa!
Bitches looking roght in ATL is whoa!
Niggas laying low in Shytown is whoa!
Bitches taking paper in LA is whoa!
Niggas stacking doe in DC is whoa!
PRDR hold me down like whoa!
Niggas in Detroit hold me down like whoa!
Niggas getting money in New Orleans whoa!
Boston and Jersey, my niggas is whoa!
Florida niggas, Philly niggas is whoa!
Tampa and Texas, Cleveland is whoa!
Memphis and Lil Rock, my niggas is whoa!
My New York niggas hold me down like whoa!
My Panama niggas hold me down like whoa!
Pampaya hold me down like whoa!
My man Dice Raw hold me down like whoa!
The whole Bad Boy hold me down like whoa!
NC, SC hold me down like whoa!
My man Buck Wild hold me down like whoa!
Allumni dog hold me down like whoa!
My man PD hold me down like whoa!
The whole JM hold me down like whoa!
Whole East Side hold me down like whoa!
My man P.I. hold me down like whoa!

( Whoa! as it fades out )


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