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Bravehearts - Bravehearted Lyrics


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Artist: Bravehearts (feat. Nas)
Album: Bravehearted
Song: Bravehearted


[Chorus] [DJ Scratching]
Brave, brave, brave, brave, brave, Bravehearts
Jungle, Wiz, Wi, Wi, Wiz, Wiz, Braveheart

G-W-I-Z, wont yall come fuck with me
While I lay game chase, catch and cash the check
Stomp niggas out take respect
With a sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump
I sips on Grey Goose, smokin on the blunt
I fucks with this broad, she do what I want
I fucks her real slow, she likes when I pump
I be on my block dun, I do what's I want
And Nar nigga to front, I do what's I want
I shoot and don't blink, I lay you out in the street
I mean I'm fuckin' wit them niggas that's beastin
And blaze when they in shit, that's evident
Leavin no evidense, who you messin' wit
It's Ill Will and yall niggas bore me
I shoot to kill, they never saw me

[Chorus][DJ Scratching]x2

You could put on that vest
Im'a shoot you in the head, won't aim for the chest
Betcha won't survive
10 hollow tips out my chrome 45
I got the drop on you
Element of surprise nigga what you wanna do
I really seen dead people
I got the 9 millimeter I can make you face see-through
Transparent, potholes in your melon
Damage from the ratchet happens if you tell it
Jungle live by the morals of the street
Not like snitch C.J or bitch Jay-z
In beef them niggas only play defense
Guns never sparkin afraid of my offense
Too rusty, I put they body in the garbage
Y'all niggas pussy, we bravehearted

[Chorus][DJ Scratching]x2

My name is beloved I come from the past
With insects crawling on me like I'm dead, I don't eat I just fast
I don't beef I just blast, Gods son, blood on my palm
I left the cross horny white nun's suckin me off
And black dike ones, dressed up like bush identical mask
I fuck em hard with a sinister laugh
And puff on cigar like Tony Montana
Me and Sony got problems
If I die they say I'm only a martyr
Step to me I'm braver, do me a favor
Put two in my waves, you can be paid
The label puts you in my place
I'm Jewish like Sammie Davis Junior
Holding a Louis suitcase with Colin Powell chopped in pieces
Now I'm locked up with psycho's who eat they feces
Colder hearts break me out and I reveal deep secrets
About this street shit that y'all so obsessed by
I rep my niggas to the death while the rest lie, the rest die, I'm brave


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