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Colorz - If I Had A Wish


before I lay down at night
I get on my knees and pray
that you’ll be the one for me
come on with me everyday

and when I close my eyes to sleep
I pray that my’ll keep
and take me where the light (2 X where the light shines)
shines high...above...

if I had a wish for every spell(if I had a wish)
I’d cast on you you know I’d be in heaven
(heaven could be a place on earth)
if I had a wish that I would tell(you know I’d tell)
that I’ll love you and I’ll be yo man(that I’ll be I’ll be yo man)

each moment that I’m with you
it seems that every day it’s brighter
ohh so bright
but in the still of the night
your touch ohh
you know it makes me feel so right
you know I wanna hold you
yeah really wanna hold you...
in my arms(in my arms)
so...let me touch you oh
why don’t I caress you
and squeeze u tight
so baby let's make love all through the night


(Repeat 2nd Verse)



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