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Darius - Rushes


She's got a blind smile and a soft touch
A cute little dimple when she laughs too much
They say you fall hard when you meet her
Such is her allure

She's got a quick wit and a fast tongue
But she doesn't seem to know that she's the one
They say she cheats charm when she whispers
She is devilishly pure

* You'd see if you knew her
She doesn't know
But it's time I told her so

** When I see your blushes
From a compliment of mine, it touches
Something inside- I'm getting rushes
The adrenalin rushes
And I'm fascinated
That you really don't know how to take it
When I look at you that way you feel naked
And I'm so into you
I'm getting rushes

She's about 5 9 got a sexy stride
Long tanned legs that she shouldn't hide
A fine air of innocence
Nonchalence in every move.

She's a sweet sensation, tease temptation
She looks good enough to eat.
She's a fallen angel with a devillish streak
And so they say like-with-like will finally meet

[Repeat * , **]

Oohoooh, but you just don't know
Well it's time I told you so, ooohoohooooh

When I like it, I want more
And I like it, I want more
And I like it, I want more
Never felt it like this before

More than adrenalin flushes
And the touch and smell of skin rushes
Some call it love at first sight
I call it butterflies (call it butterflies, call it butterflies)


[Repeat *]


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