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Destiny's Child - Stay


Baby i want for nothing just your tender sweet loving
I know youve got your things to do
But tell me what means more to you
Hanging out with me or with your boys
Sometimes i do get lonely
But no you and no one to hold me
You want so much to lay me down
Is that the only way to win your heart?

Well if i loved you a little bit longer
if my love was a little bit stronger
would you stay, stay? baby please stay
if i granted all of your wishes
give you more than touches and kisses
would you stay, stay? i need you to stay

I'll be, be yours forever but can we keep us together?
I know the time is drawing near
I promised you has it been a year
Baby now I'm ready will you stay? sta-ay

[repeat 2:]

Every now and then ya think about it
If you love me you could live without it But i don't wanna do you that way no no, no no no
I don't know exactly what I'm feelin
I'm kinda scared but I'm then kinda willin
Will you promise me just one thing?
No matter what you're gonna stay...

[repeat 2]


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