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Dionne Hylton - Freestyle


Yo, let me tell you my story....

hot like fire, fake more than Mariah, if you knew me you no I aint no liar,
I'll slash your tire, if you disagree with me and you'll see what's its
"gonna be. "

I'm atomic, which mean I'm the bomb, if you disagree, sorry honey but you
wrong, the way you've got to go is so long, so why don't you stay off this is
my ride my life, I'm gonna be strong.

What I'm saying, you aint even trying to see, imagine me, sitting on top of
the world like mase & B. Lock you up, leaving you behind, and throwing away
the key. All I need is right here in front of me.

you don't seem to be on the same level as I, you can try with all your might,
but your always one step behind.

Clearly I have to spell it out to you, your a s-c-r-u-b- and fool, nigga you
betta go back to school, cause all you can do is sit watch me win and you

playa playa, more like hata hata, mess with me and I think you betta... ,
you know what you betta not take a stand, cause you have to get use to bowing
to my mighty command.


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