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D.J. U-Neek - Doctor, Doctor


I don't care about nothin' nothin' nothin'
I don't care about nothin' nothin' nothin'
I don't care about...

Doctor Doctor what's goin' on...
can you tell me what's goin' on...
Everything keeps going going going going going wrong...
Doctor Doctr we're out of time, and I'm looking for a sign...
Every minute we're closer closer closer to the otherside
I think I'm runnig out of time (Runnig out of time)
Looking for a sign (Looking for a sign)
Can you tell me what's going on
I need to know what's going on
Going on <-- Repeat 4x

Can you tell me where I'm goin' (Am'I goin' down)
What am I supposed to feel (Am I hanging 'round)
Life is not always showin' (Am I save and Sound)
The truth it is really real,
See I'm livin' all alone, playin' Solitaire,
But it's kinda hard when all the cards aint there
And I'm starting to Dig, all the voices inside my head...

Repeat Chorus

Seem like I'm always thinkin' (I Meditate)
Of how my life used to be (I'm doubtin' me)
Before my life started sinkin' (I don't want ta drownd)
I used to fell so free, but now my back's against the wall,
Can't see light at all,everytime I try to play ya fool, it takes my fall
and I don't care 'bout nothin' at all all...

Repeat chorus

I don't care about nothin' nothin' nothin' Repeat 2x

(I don't care about nothin' nothin' nothin')
^-say during chorus till end of song-^


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