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Ed Hardcourt - She Fell Into My Arms


Well I burnt all my travellers cheques
Just to show you my respect
Then I hung myself out to dry
And you looked at me and asked me why

So I said I don't mind if I lose
'Cause if I win I'll be so confused
But that's not what you'd expect
From a man whose plan is already wrecked

* And if you need to kiss me
Then you'll most definitely miss me
When I'm gone

Well there's a thousand things I shouldn't do
But if I do them I should do them with you
So won't you fall into my arms again
And hold me for the world may end

[Repeat *]

** God, you make me sing
Funny things about you
You infect my mind
All the time, you do

Well I just can't contain myself In fact
I'm worried I might lose my health
I can't eat, sleep or hardly breathe
I can hardly ever watch you leave

[Repeat * , **]


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