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Entourage - When


1st Verse:
I know you don't wanna hurt him
And see him cry
But that's the way that love goes
And certain things you can't keep inside
I know you still love him
And have a few feelings left
But it's time to come to me
And take another step

I know you felt it when we first made love (Oh babe)
Cuz when we were through you were so hard
I could ????
The way we kissed and touched it was meant to be
But you were engaged to have a ??? Oh
When will it be?

When will it be, only me
Because I need you baby
When will you let, him go bye,bye (I know you don't wanna hurt his heart)
When will it be, only me (Nah babe)
When will you let him go, bye bye

2nd Verse:
It's hard for you to be with me
When he's taking most of your time babe
You go to school, you got work
And you still manage to find
Time for me
Because that's really what you wanna do
??I don't wanna be, the middle man??
I like it just me and you

These tears I cry
Are tears of joy
>From knowing that one day we'll be as one
Cuz I know we can work this out
Without a doubt
I believe in you
Cuz I love you babe (I Love Ya)
I Love You (I Love Ya)


You use your heart and not your mind
(Repeat 7x)

(Oh, baby)
(All those fancy cars won't buy you love but when you're with him I'm the one
that you're thinkin' of)
(Your heart is callin for me and your body damn sure callin for me, for slick)
(Oooh, why don't u let him go, why don't u let him go..oh)
(Lord Have Mercy)
(He can buy you this and buy you that but you know i'm the one that's gonna
have your back"


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