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Eric Benet - Love The Hurt Away


Now we've been friends girl for quite a while
I've never been the kind for beggin' and pleadin'
But I can tell by your hazy smile
All if his lies you've been finding are heavy on your mind
He broke your heartand he took your pride
Will you ever love again?Though you try you don't believe it
Come over here, talk to me a while
Girl if you try youwould find that
Someone like me,simple and free
I could change your mind
I'll love you in place's he couldn't find
Girl don't you see for the chance I've been waiting
For you to let me

Love the hurt away (that's all I wanna do)
Love the hurt away

Verse 2:
If you ever did, girl you need me know you need me now
You don't need the complications of running to a stranger
So I'm coming over and I'll stay awhile
Taking my time till I find that sparkle in your smile
Like a father's shoulder or a mother's arm
Girl I've always been the one
For strenght and understanding
The rain will stp the clouds will be gone
Girl if you tried you would find that
You're someone like me,simple and free
We're two of a kind
I'll love you in ways no one has ever tried
Girl don't you see for the chance I've been waiting
For you to let me


I've been there for you and you for me
Better friend's we'll never find
Nobody really knows you (knows you, knows you)
No baby not the way I do (you kow it true oooh)
We could miss an opportunity for what we've both been trying to find
And girl it's tim I told you (told you told you)
That all I ever really really wanted
All I ever really wanted was to hold you
Love the hurt away

Until Fade


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