Eternity - To Forever And Beyond Lyrics
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Eternity - To Forever And Beyond


BRIDGE: To Forever
To Forever and Beyond Boy, To Forever and Beyond
I'll take you
To Forever and Beyond
Amanda: When we're close I feel you loving me
When we're apart I know its meant to be
You're smile, it lights up my day
I need you, in every way
CHORUS: You and me, we're forever
I've never been so right
You and me, let's stick together
I dream of you all day and night
Stick with me, I'll be true
Now and always I need you
I'll take you "To Forever and Beyond"

Roxanne: I'll never know why I feel this way
But I hope the feeling won't go away
You're the only one within my heart baby
You know you really drive me crazy


Vienna: Whenever I see you
I know my love is really true
Hand in hand, we walk the beach
Our hearts are never out of reach


Jeannie: When we are close I feel you loving me
I don't know why I feel this way
When we are apart I know it's meant to be
Our love will always stay
Forever and Beyond

Amanda: Forever
Jeannie: And
Vienna: Beyond!
All: For Eternity


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