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Ghetto-ish Created Rhymes - Noemz


No: Hey Emz. Make mah dinner!
Emz: Get off your lazy ass and make it yourself. Crack bitch!

No: A dime a dozen
Big Pun & Fat Joe
Can I be your ho?
Two tons of fun. Just cookin them bunz
Chillin wit Noemz
In my shoppin cart benz

Chorus x 2:
Who dat be?
It be me wit tha he he.
It's Noem'z
We takin and rakin the leaves
Hear we be
Can ya see?

Emz: Oh no.
Tha earth is tremblin
It's meeh big Emz
Ridin in tha pimp-mo-bile
Rusty brown Ghetto Schwinn
Must have been in a trash bin!

Chorus x 3

Noemz: Hey hey hey!
It's us on the ghetto mic
bout to break and imma dike
we be ridin on our bike
workin at ghetto micro & chip
be dancin the ghetto dip
I put my foot up in your mouth
then I kick you kick we fall

Chorus x5

It's Noemz!!!!
Leave a message! Leave a message!
Lesson Number two...
gently place the ballz in the mouth and hmmmmmmmm

what do you want me to do with it?
it don't matter it don't matter.
just don't swallow it, just put it in your mouth
just don't swallow it, just put it in your mouth

chorus tils fade


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