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Lloyd Banks - Time's Up Lyrics


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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album: Hunger for More
Song: Time's Up


now I'm done off the liqua and back grabbin a stripper
strappin to stay out that black bag with a zipper.
u slackin
so I'm a blast past even quicker without radio air play
or adds on a sticka.
nigga I'm blowin' brocoli in Tahoe
the kid with moe punches than rocky in a pile up
I'm cockier tomorrow
pop u wit a bottle
haters wanna pop me with a hollow
nigga you can't stop if my moto
I will not be gettin followed
I roll with an anterouge
and follow you and put hoes in your aunts garage
niggas wanna stomp they hoes cuz they feonce
chose my next victim is Beyonce Knowles
my whole neck and arm stay froze
I'm beyond they shows
thirty thousand we on 8 roads
when we leave from back stage kids be on they clothes
it seems she gotta little on the all grey 'bos and what i gotta jet for?
I should start up a bizness cause I get rid of more birds than a pet store


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