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Ludacris - What Them Girls Like Lyrics


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Artist: Ludacris (Feat. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett)
Song: What Them Girls Like


Luda! SG! Chris Breezy!

[Chorus: Chris Brown - 2X]
UH UH UH UH I know what them girls
I know, I know what them girls
I know, I know what them girls
I know, I know what them girls like

I know what they feel
cuz I'm breathing on they heels
and it makes me wanna kill cuz I give them what the girls like

Relax and take notes, while I put you up on game
Get a sweeter connect then If I put you up on cane
But you should grab yourself a seat and a whiskey double
because the girls of the world anit nuttin but trouble
they like a little danger and might not admit it
but they on for the taste and want us to come and get it
plus they love a young thug that's overflowin with swag
and keeps his woman all draped in new Louis vuitton bags
and Louis vuitton pumps, look at her walk to him
I like open toe straps, SG talk to him

Im tryna holla at yo girls friend tryna bring by the crib tonight
Betta wear your cape cuz they I'm bringing the kryptonite


Now some of them want a family, a sense of security
A necklace, bracelets, and all other types of jewelry
So shop till you drop, or till it makes you psychotic
Heres a triple black card, it anit trickin' if you got it
Others will stay content if you just makin them laugh
Send em' to the spa get em massaged and bubble bathed
Later on they can dance and throw a drink in they hand
And try every an anything they never did with they man, ME!
So get loose and throw off ya damn garmetas
Show em whos the boss they takin orders from the sergeant
Theres places on your body I'm just tryin to find
So in the sack talk to me tell me whats on your mind
An I got plenty more to learn if you's investin in me
They dont love for who I am but who I destined to be
For that, I'd give you everything up under the sun
Cuz in the end all girls just wanna have fun


[Ludacris x2]
They wanna talk to ya, so shut up an listen
If you cant take the heat get the fuck out the kitchen
Cuz a ride or die man for his ride or die chick
Its that ride or die pudding for that ride or die dick


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