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Mashonda - Back Of The Club Lyrics


Artist: Mashonda
Song: Back Of The Club


I love the way we dance in the back of the club,
boy you know you drive me crazy.
When you hold my thigh real close to yours,
make me feel like I'm your baby.
I just met you, but I'll show you what to do to do it right.
We'll be dancin', just relaxin'
be in back of the club all night.

[Verse 1:]
When I stepped in the club,
wait to have a little fun.
Me and 'bout 5 of my girls, all done up.
Made our way through the crowd,
the music was so damn loud.
But when I spotted you out,
I just froze up.

You took my hand and said,
"Baby, come dance with me -
I know you wanna party with me,
I know you wanna rock with me -
in the back of the club is where I'll be."


[Verse 2:]
Boy, you know you look so good,
feelin' you like I should.
But it's getting kinda late,
don't want this to be over.
Starin' in my face,
movin' to the beat of the song.
Wish it could last all night long,
don't want this to be over.



La la la lalalala
La la lalala


[Swizz Beats 7x :]
Get ya hands in the air,
and move it like this.

and move it like this.
and move it like this,
and move it like this,
and move it like this


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