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Mario - Who Lyrics


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Artist: Mario (feat. Tyrese)
Song : Who


Who am I
Who am I

It was all good just a week ago
I remember cruising down that a'95
Come and get your doe
So we can go to the hood
Cause thata's where all your girlfriends get their hair done nails done
Hurry up and get it done
Soon as I said it then the shots sprung out
They popped my girl
Took her down
And instantly shea's out
I ran over to the car to get my gun out
And put it to my head

An then I heard a voice say (Who who)
Who am I? (Who who)
Who am I? (Who who)
I question the inevitable

These days I got more questions than Jadakis
How the hell do we get to situations like this?
So unfortunate
Ia'm talking bout Katrina
9/11 do you know what I mean
The nearest plane
Odd ita's just to me
Time is running out
I can feel Ia'm getting old
It seems the only way is to say so
Dona't wanna live cause I cana't take no more
But who am I to doubt

Who am I? (Who who)
To question the inevitable
Who am I?
Who am I? (Who who)
Who am I to doubt !
Who am I to doubt
And question the inevitable (Who who)
Now I know not to doubt anymore
Girl I wish you were here right now
Yeah inevitable whoa
Who am I to doubt


Mario - Who Lyrics


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