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Masta J - Makin It Large


Ayyo my name is jeff
some call me the rhyme chef
i can cook up a rhyme faster than a hustler can sell a dime
just give me 5 minutes time and I'll be back
wit a track that tops the chart in exactly 10 seconds flat
double platinum to me is something i know i will see
gimme some time to rhyme and prove myselfto this rap game
as time passes i know that I'll be liven mad fame
chillen with katie my lady and flowin with slim shady
driven big cars, buying rich bars, fuckin stars,
given siminars to young mc's that try to rhyme like me
but I'm the only one who has the recipe
that will guarantee i make i couple of g's
its bout time i step it up and take charge
if i wanna start this shit i call makin it large

Big Snugg:
(Chorus) I gotta make it large..make it large
yess i gotta make large.....
i gotta make it large and yes i know i can
i gotta get the money safe up in my hand
i gotta make it large...


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