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Michael Speaks - I Specialize


I specialize in the way you make me feel good
When you feel the need you can come to me
Do everything you want and I’ll never leave you lonely
If love is what you need, I specialize

Verse 1
I specialize in the things that ya always need
Like when you’re feeling lonely
I will always be there
Your hearts desires, you won’t have to say
Cause I’m a specialist in pleasin’


Verse 2
Showing affection always brings you joy
I love to hear the laughter when you call out my name
I have a degree in kissing
I’ve mastered lovology
And now the only thing that’s missing
Is for you to be with me

I don’t need to be a doctor
To give you what you need
All I need is a list of thangs
That will set your mind free
Give me the recipe
I’ll make the solution for your heart
And it won’t take long
Might even sing you a song
And the reason I can do this is I specialize



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