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Mo B. Dick - You Fell In Love


Another case of infatuation
When you first laid eyes on me
Yes it was
You were in suspended animation
Cause I was rolling on them D's
Caddie purple with the system pumping
I guess that turns you on
Sometimes you see me on the corner hustling
Talking on my cellular phone
A lot of ladies wanna date a baller
And iI guess it's for security
You wanna be with me
Every day my money's growing taller
Because I live the life of a G
And you fell in love


You fell in love (baby yeah)
With a gangster
You fell in love (baby yeah, baby yeah)

Verse Two:

Yesterday I met you at the hotel
So we can be all alone
Me and you and we do it so well
It's like we've been in a zone
Now you're telling people I'm boyfriend
And you're supposed to have my baby
Are you crazy
Laides like you come a dime a dozen
Trying to fulfill a fantasy
Constantly you're blowing up my pager
So I can serve you like a fiend
The situations' growing kind of major
Now tell me what do you expect from me

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes I can't help myself
And it seems that you can't help yourself
Either baby
You fell in love
And it's hard for you to change me
Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, oh.....
Girl can't you see I'm only a G


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