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Monica - Gone Be Fine


Can't believe u would leave me this way
Feelin' kinda bad from the last things we said today
Can't beleive you would turn and walk away
Know he'd do it again and again

You say u love me
I come back w/ i hate you
It only takes me a day to
Realize i'm in love w/ you

You say the same words
But i come back and u stay boy
If you don't want my love
Then i have no choice this time yeah, yeah

Tell me what to do
I'm triping ova you
Any other time
Remember i'm gone be fine

How i remain the same
I know what's up w/ you
Any other time
Remember i'm gone be fine

Verse 2:
You said you didn't mean it that's fine
Want to take it back b/c you having a change of mind
Sometimes saying sorry won't do
Then some days i can't live here w/o you

repeat Chorus and Hook

Chorus until fade


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