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Murphy Lee - Wat Da Hook Gon Be Lyrics


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Artist: Murphy Lee
Album: Murphy's Law
Song: Wat Da Hook Gon Be


[Murphy Lee]
(Wat da hook gon be)

[Murphy Lee:]
hahahaha u know!...yo yo yo yo,
u neva met a nigga like me yo yo yo,
have u eva seen another man who b doin what i do. ahuh yo!whooo

[Verse 1]
[Murphy Lee:]
Now what goes up must come down,
but we aint commin down,
it be the same ole clowns,
evey style pretendin they proud
but when u leave town they go round'
runnin they mouth, (mayyyne),
they somthin like a hatta man,
talkin bad about a playa as
if I'm not gon' c ya lata man,
u constintly frontin until u confronted on,
if u don't like whats gowinz' on
go on to another song,
cuz i keep a hata guilty,
my cars and my money, or a nitemare both come filthy,
we skinny and nippie,
with fuel on full c
i be in my cago bulls,
obey no rules to school
u fools, school boy earned
what we yung do new, ST. luis like blues
D.Miles and Larry Hughes and the yung dude done paid yung dudes dues dued.

[JD:] but Yo! Wat da hook gon be?
[Nelly:] uh ohhh!
[Murphy Lee:]
C i don't need no fuckin hook on the beat,
all i need is the track in the bac round' my head phones loud keep
the drink goin round'and imma rip it

[JD:] yo yo YO! Wat da hook gon be?
[Nelly:] uh ohh
[Murphy Lee:]
C i don't need no fuckin hok on this beat,
all i need is track in the back round, my head phones loud,
keep the drink goin round' and imma rip

[Verse 2]
[Murphy Lee:]
Sell at the mall, tomarrow,
and i will never have to barrow,
got my 1st car, when i turned 16,
only drove at home, outta town limozines,
plus we was broke wit a deal,
but nobody could tell so we did
what we had to do fa "Country Grammar" to sell (haha)
i spit my own melodies plus i like me bootys
and my boobs like the capital letter B,
thats how it is, how it better b,
i comfotably rather have 2 or 3 girls in the bed with me,
close ya earrs ma u aint heard nothin (whaaaaaa?)
i always pay ma let a brotha hold somthin,
I'm basically commin from nothin to somthin,
when i say nothin i means pockets full of lint and buttons,(we all we got!)
used to be creative on holloween,
style with hotta teams went from notta to a lot of things (whooo)


[Murphy Lee:]
People always sayin it man must be nice,
no hot no nothin not a simples house life,
understand the money's good but I'm still from the hood,
so don't be askin for no inchin or be expectin a foot.

[Murphy Lee:]
unless u want a foot,
i know a few crooks that can place u were u need to be put, (blaow)
and it mite not cost me playa,
gotta bens type of interior paint salty playa,
and we all push it, but me i push it real good,
brains blown out, cromed out, real real wood,
catch me on ya local dirty, or in the studio doin vocals dirty,
I'm the same dude who came through with my crew,
let the girls do me while u do u,(and UMM)
all i need is JD's beat to be bangin
and imma come up with these verses that I'm usually slangin, i be rippin man (uh ohh)




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