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Myron - Destiny


1st Verse:
I've never been superticious (superticious)
Love don't always play fair (play fair)
Oppritunity so delicious
Like none tthat I've known anywhere (Anywhere)
So I take the chance to hold your hand (Hold your hand)
And I hope that you would understand, yeah (Understand)
But it all happened so suddenly (So Suddenly)
And now you are in love with me (love with me)

It's gotta be Destiny, she's taken me
It happened so suddenly, Destiny

2nd Verse:
Oh no it's no taboo (taboo)
This moment is so beautiful, hey (Beautiful)
But it's more like DeJa Vu
Could it be that I have dreamed of you? (dreamed of you)
It's natural the way we bond (we bond)
Makin' love from 9, beyond
Why don't this seem strange to me, yeah
I'ts cuz ur my Destiny


I never thought this would be
This feeling that came over me
Gotta be my destiny

Chorus till fade


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