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Nasri - Go Lyrics


Artist: Nasri
Song: Go


Can't believe I'm running into you,
Haven't seen you since the days of highschool.
You're the one who always got away,
Man this must be my lucky day.
Girl, you're lookin as fine as ever,
How I wish that we could be together.
So Here's what I'm gonna do,
I'ma have to say good bye to you.

So go, I'm not beggin' you to stay,
Cause I got this funny feelin' I'll be seeing you someday.
That's right go, I'm telling you to walk away,
Cause I know somewhere down the line I'll be seeing you babe.

Now you're lookin at me funny, baby I ain't messin',
Call your daddy ask him for his blessin'.
Cause next time we meet, we'll be on different grounds,
Need a church, dress, tux and some wedding vows.
Singing: Here comes the bride (so beautiful) all dressed in white.


Cause I know this might seem crazy, leavin you babe, when there's so much more to say.
But when the heavens deside to give us a try, we'll be startin a family.
Oh..I'm thinkin two babies, Josh and Kailie, and a house apon the bay.
We'll be best of friends, till the end, ohh.. baby I'ma promice I'ma see you again.


I can't believe it [Repeat]


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