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Nicole Wray - Seventeen


(Nicole)- You know what I don't even know what's up with this cat,
but I know he's gonna be mine.

(Missy)- Yes I'm the supadupa I'm a supa star
I got a supa flow that goes supa far
I need a supa man that's got a supa ten
that can deactivate my body like a supa friend.

(Nicole)- He was the finest guy in school
he had the whole damn school on lock,
and I thought he was cute so when I see him I had to stop.
Boy how are you and by the way Nicole is my name.
So I slipped him my number showed him how I spit game.

(Chorus)- Call Me if you need someone to talk to.
Call me even though I'm seventeen. (Repeat)

(Nicole)- He was only seventeen and I was checkin him everyday,
and he's no beginner he made me hot like the middle of May.
I gotta find a way to keep all his attention on me.
So I slipped him a paper told him hit me up at three.


(Nicole Rap)- Absorb the sunshine what's yours is mine.
You won't succeed without trying never blind.
See I'm the type of female to hold on like deodorant I roll on
and gets my flow on. I'm living in reality respect me.
My image is not a pocket book and I won't get took.
Girls get shook when they look
My style is John Blaze
so I'm Make it hot and leave somebody in a daze.
My age is seventeen what what. His age is seventeen what what.


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