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Night & Day - Dante's Girl


He's My best friend
And I can't hurt him like this
All you are to me, all you'll ever be
Is Dante's girl
Now you can get mad
But I ain't cut like that
Cause all you are to me, and all you'll ever be
Is Dante's girl

Verse 1:
Ever since he been away, I thought I'd
Lend a helping hand, so I
Helped you here and there with what you needed
Thinkin' to myself, while he's in jail
You must be hurtin, so I hooked you up swell
But now you're brushin' up on me
Why you wanna creep with me
Can't believe you're sweatin' me
See that just ain't the way it should be
I can't do it
Cause he's my


Verse 2:
I can't stand to come over cause I
All I see is Dante when I
Look at his baby boy in the eyes
But you keep telling me that it's okay
To hit the skins while he's gone away (that ain't right baby)
Temptations coming over me (ohhh it's killing me)
Can't let it get the best of me (can't let it get the best of me)
Gotta walk away, gotta make you see
That's the way it's gotta be
Ohhh I can't fo it cause he's


He's writing letters to you every day
Don't have a clue that he's getting played
And when he calls me on the telephone
I wanna tell him that you're doing wrong
The situation that you put me in
Has got me caught up in a whirlwind
So I'm telling you
That this has gotta end
Cause he's myyyy

~*Hook 2x*~


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