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'N Sync - Forever In Your Heart


You know
That I love you
In every way
You bring
So many magical wonders
To my day

How could I ever leave
One reason why
Cause darlin without you
I cannot breathe

You're the best thing
In all my life
The only one
Who helps me through
So much pain and strife

Baby you know...

You'll always be in my heart
We'll never have any reasons
To ever part
When I look into your eyes
All I see is you and I
Together, forever in your heart

Darlin yes
I love you more than words can say

You'll always be mine
No matter where you are
You're always at the front
Of my mind
Only for eternity

You've touched my heart
With undying hope
With your love
My problems can cope
No one will take your place
When I close my eyes
I see
Kissing your sweet face

You're much more beautiful
Then Heaven's glowing embrace


You'll always be
Forever with me
Baby just wait and see

You're my dream come true
And all I can say
Is that I love you

All I can say
Is I love you
Every night and day
My dreams come true
Only when I'm with you
Holding you near

I'll always be
With you, you'll see
Forever, forever in your heart
Only always
Forever in your heart


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