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4eva - Dance Under Moonlight


I was under the illusion that,
We were more than friends(we were more than friends)
Then I had a kinda feeling that,
A lovers heart can mend.

Then I saw the above(the above),
It wasn't me that you did love,
Now I love you more than ever,
For you I'll still endeavour,
So please give me a chance,
And not just some slow dance.

Oh baby,girl,please come to me today,
Come over here to stay,
Cause I really wanna touch you,
And we'll do what we wanna do,
So please come here tonight,
And we'll dance under moonlight.

Babe,my love for you is great,
And you know it's not too late(you know it's not too late)
Sugar I need lovin' from you
And I know you want it too.

So baby please let's get together,
And we can last forever,
Girl together we'll go further,
Our bonds as strong as leather,
So baby please don't write a letter,
Cause I know a way that's so much better.



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