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50 Cent - Runnin' Lyrics


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Artist: 50 Cent
Album: The Massacre (2005)
Song: Runnin'


[Verse 2- Tony Yayo]
If I get knocked with my gun nigga, I'm runnin'
I catch you murder one nigga, I'm runnin'
Homicide come around and it keep on comin'
Thats why I'm outta state and I keep on runnin'
I ain't Nelly but my desert eagles on girl
Just jump bill travlin' the world when I signed my deal
I said fuck chill, I went on tour to Boslona and Brazil
Did shit real, fuckin' a pill tease wit my head like that bitch in Kill Bill
Sling dope, sling crack and them E pills
Thats why I'm on the low like a damn Navy Seal

Got to live once a day cause tomorrow ain't promised to me
I want my own destiny
If you got it I'm gon' take
If you're in it you're comin with me
Bench warmers get no playin' time
No sleepin' till I cross the line
I'm runnin


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