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702 - Stringing Me Along Lyrics


Artist: 702
Album: Star
Song: Stringing Me Along


[Verse 1]
I been kickin myself ever since
I gave my love to you a hundred percent
and you gave nothin in return
the only time you seemed concerned
is when you wanted to lay up
you kept telling me that i was the one
and you kept sellin me dream after dream
but after so many dreams deferred
i saw you for what you were
and that was someone who really didn’t care

how can somethin feel so right really be so wrong
why were you for the ride
i just can’t let you get back inside

[verse 2]
and now you’re wantin to make it right
blowin up my pager and phone day and night
like I should up and let you in
to my open arms again
I don’t think so, not a chance
I am stronger now thanks to you
I’ve turned a negative thing into something positive
now i know that i can live
without the likes of you around

and now you swear to god
that you have made a change
but when i look at you
I think of all the pain
you unnecessarily
brought on me
never again, never again

[hook repeats till fade]


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