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98 Degrees - Invisible Man


oh oh oh yeah
you can hardley wait to tell all your friends how his kisses taste sweet like wine
and how he always make your heart skip a beat every time he walks by
and if your feeling down he'll pick you up and hold you close when your making love
He's everything you've been dreaming of
oh baby

i wish you looked at me that way your beautiful eyes looking deep into mine
tell anymore then any words could say
but you don't even know i'm alive
baby to you all i am is the invisable man

you don't see me baby

you promised that i was on the phone,
talking bout nothing at all (talking bout nothing at all)
it doesn't matter what the conversaition just as long as you called oh
lost in love so real and so sincer
that your wipe way others tears
your face lights up whenever he appears


you don't see me
i see you all the time baby
you don't see me
the way you look at him
you don't see me
i wish it was me sweetheart boy i wish it was me
oh oh oooh


you don't see me girl but
i love you
yes i love you (yes i love you)


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