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O-Town - Shy girl


Standing with the wallflowers, wishing you would've stayed at home
You kick yourself for coming, when you're standing there all alone

The centers of attention are busy making all their moves, oh girl
While all the guys are lookin' then I got my eye on you, only you

You might think you're nothing special, you might be losing hope
But baby don't you realize ,how beautiful you really are

* Shy girl, it's written on your face
A mermaid out of water feeling out of place
Shy girl, tryin' to hide her blush
Caught you looking for a second felt my heart rush
Don't run away, don't be afraid, don't be shy girl

So beautiful (shy shy girl)

I'm moving in closer, slowing trying to break the ice (shy shy girl)
But it's hard to get a lot on your downward glancing eyes, oh yeah

You might think you're nothing special, but I'm about to lose my heart
Baby don't you realize, how beautiful you really are

[Repeat *]

Now I'm standing right in front of you
I confess I'm nervous too
Girl you know there's something going on
And not to give it a chance would be so wrong, oh baby

[Repeat * , *]

(Hey girl) don't be shy girl
Shy shy girl (don't run away) oh baby
Shy girl (I'm looking at you)
So beautiful (come a little closer)
Shy shy girl ... till fade


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