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Pau Hana - Wake Up My Darling


(I just keep thinking about those promises)

'Cuz everytime we meet
I get this funny little feeling that takes over from my head to my feet
Oh can't you see girl?
A sweet lady, you're my one and only remedy
In the nightime I pray
That I'll be by your side, and never let you go away
What can I say girl?
But you're the sunshine that brightens up my day

Wake up my darling, and don't you sleep tonight away
The sun will arise, and announce the dawning of our new day

My baby and me
Will be together for eternity
Fighting and fussing will become
(Oh darlin')
Kissing and hugging in the tropical sun

And if I can feel your touch
There's no denyin' you're hidin' my love
Baby please
It's me and you for all time and eternity

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Take it away ya'll


And if I need your touch
There's no denyin' you're hidin my love
Oh darlin'
It's me and you for all time and eternity

Repeat Chorus

Hey baby
As I hold you in my arms tonight
While you sleep
I realize how much you mean to me
And I love you so much
And I hope one day we'll be together
But for now
Do you dream the same dreams I do?

Repeat Chorus


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