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Pebbles - Why Do I Believe


A feeling in my heart
has taken over me, completely
and boy you are the star, to come into my life
you can take me
of all the guys i've even known,
they've never been as wonderful
so special and so sweet to me
and all the dreams i've ever dreamed
no one has been as good to me
and you're the one to answer my dreams

why do i believe that i belong to you?
how can i explain this symphony?
as fasr as i can tell, my heart's under a spell
and you're the only one, the only one for me

I feel you in my soul,
your hearts carressing me, so deeply
I'm under your control,
you're all i ever need, you can use me
of all the times i've been alone,
no one has been as beautiful
so strong and understanding to me
and all the ways that i could see,
no one has been as good for me
and you will always be the one for me

Chorus 2x

And you're the only one....
the only one for me
for me....for me...
the only one for me.......


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