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Petey Pablo - U Don't Want Dat Lyrics


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Artist: Petey Pablo
Song: U Don't Want Dat


Intro: I tell ya'll I need it like this say a lot...
it's 2003 my nigga..
all that, all that yappin into my shit my nigga oh,
you nigga play that shit my nigga,play that shit for a moment man
soon as a nigga start talking that shit,
man, you on the floor son (yeah, yeah)

Chorus: Watch a nigga get sword on, for talking that shit
watch a bitch get rode on, for talkin that shit
watch that nigga get laid out, for talking that shit
watch the bitches get drugged, yah for talking that shit
(you don't want none nigga, you don't want none
you don't want none bitch you don't want none)x2

verse 1: You don't like me, yah, I don't like you yah,
you wanna fight me, yah, I wanna fight you, yah

Hook:put your hands up nigga
put your hands up bitch
put your hands up hoe
put your hands up trick

verse 2: Fuck these rental cars,
they don't run shit, yah
who run this shit?
we run this bitch!


Verse 3: My back aint hurt,
my lip aint swell, yah!
my head aint bust
my nuts aint gray ya!


Verse 4: (petey pablo)
I'm from a small town called whoop a nigga ass
(and i mean we'll)whoop a nigga ass
(and i mean we'll) beat a bitch to death
(and I mean we) came all the way there
take a nigga down a dirt path, to a junkyard where it stankin at
put his ass in a plastic bag, where there's a hole where you blast him at (and i'm talking bout)
tied up with a shoestring, and a fisher hook (?) later on, empty cans and recycle bags and some bitchass gatorade
I own a (switchblade) (blade)
well cut butter to put in the damn microwave (mayne)
better get you a sharpener baby cause that thang only gonna get me aggrivated
you look (oh so hard)
but you really soft (you cotton soft)
you tried to make me mad (mad)
but you just piss me off (you piss me off)
shit, I aint scared of you nigga, (nigga)
I aint scared of dem hoes,
and I definitely aint scared of that tank t-shirt ass nigga that thinks hes swolled


Verse 5: I don't blame you,
I blame your mammy bitch,
she shouldnt have fucked your daddy,
she should have sucked your dick(yah)
yous a puck boy (yah)
a fuck boy (yah)
you like it in the ass (oh)
with something real hard (oh)

verse 6: swear to god motherfucker we be slayin em up
have one of these niggas, i tear him up ....have women eatin niggas
havin him sayin that country boy was bad as fuck
came hit him with a heater, aint have to bust
take the bullets from a gun nigga, add them up
put them right back in it before i put it up ?
I'm saying this game aint changing much
still the same motherfuckers used to sell the drugs
them same ones
that used to come to the club see a nigga leave a nigga in a thang of blood
in a car with a browd when the police come
gone...before they find out what the hell itwas fo

dead wrong, you don't hear me tho ?
but it aint nothing that nigga aint done before
it aint nothing thata nigga wont try again
but r'member, that suckas already killed a man ?

gone craig, gone craig
still froggin and go ahead and leap but when you jump over here, jump over here
try and remember what the fuck i said, cuz i mean


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