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Premiere - Somethin' Just Ain't Right


Somethin just ain’t rite
We can make it rite

I can’t believe dat you could just lie to me
With the straightest face and all those guarantees
You promised me the world, with love on the side
Now you leave me with nothing
Not even my pride

Somethin just ain’t rite
No I can’t sleep nor I can’t eat
We can make it rite
If you just stay out of my life
Somethin just ain’t rite
Am I too weak
Just to break free
We can make it rite
If you just stay out of my life

Now I’m feelin low, where the hell are you now
Knight in shining armor
You are definitely not
I can surely say “I’m in love wit you”
To put up wit your Sssh…
I am truly a fool


I’m usually lost for words, but no tonight
You knoe I’ve been such a fool to fall for all your lies
And now after all the pain you put me through
I knoe that your definitely not the one for me
Gave you all the love I had
And what do you do
You took it all for granted
So all I have to say is
It’s ova



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