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Raghav - Can't Get Enough Lyrics


Artist: Raghav
Album: Can't Get Enough (Single)
Song: Can't Get Enough


Kabhi aar kabhi paar laaga teer nazar
Sayan ghayal kiya reh tune mora jigar (x2)

Stand by here we go again
Jus you let me wait let me know again
Aint nobody special girl I'm jus a friend
I bet you can't recall my name
I think about you everyday
24 7 girl in every way
try to move on but what can I say
no1 else can take your place

I guess I done this when I should have done that
I tried to be smart but I want you so bad
have you ever needed what you've never ever had
I jus can't get enough enough enough
Jus when it looks like I'm gonna get close
My lips mess up and the lyrics all float
I jus can't wait till we freaking more frequently
coz I can't get enough enough enough

Kabhi aar kabhi paar laaga teer nazar
Sayan ghayal kiya re tune mora jigar (x2)

Oh no I should have spoke up
see whats goin on now I'm choked up
like I was sleeping and should have woke up
I ent gna let it end like this
Word of town says you broke up
You been around and keep your hopes up
I'll be around and baby know what
I'm bringing what you can't resist



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