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Raheem DeVaughn - Guess Who Loves You More Lyrics


Artist: Raheem DeVaughn
Song: Guess Who Loves You More


word on the street is that u gave him the walkin papers

And well I wanna be tha man that my daddy raised me to be, my momma taught me to be

See Baby

Guess who loves you more (( more)) [me]

Guess who treats you better me dear me

Gurl me das right das right me when you gone see

Wake up and see

Lady lady lady

My darlin darlin baby

I wanna restore your hope

Forget about the past

This thing gone last

(( all the things you used to share)) I wanna try them

(( ???)) I wanna rock you to sleep

the right way

all I'm tryna say is

guess who loves u more

my love for you can never be measured ((aint no doubt about it))

gurl I treasure [your love] ((aint no doubt about it))

((gurl dat it’ll never die))

each day my love multiples for yo

girl is as long as father time is on my side

im gon b by ur side

baby ur perfect in my eyes

you’re my joy and pride

((listen baby))

[heres why]

chours 3x’s

repeats 3x’s

its me that loves you baby

its me that loves you baby

I aint goin no where

Imma be right here

Never have to worry no

Honest to god I do

Gurl I promise you

That I cherish you

I love you

Protect you

Cry for you

Yes I will

Honest to god I do

Said I cry for you

I love you baby

I’ll cherish you

To be my lady

Nothing will break our bond

Honest to god I do

Have faith in me

I have faith in you

Pinky swear

That’s how much I care

Ohh baby

I wanna love you


Aww I care for you

U never never never never never never never never never never never never never never

Never got to worry no

Infact I'm on my way right now

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